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Room Addition in San Jose CA


At Done Right Construction, we take pride in turning our clients' visions into reality. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Steve Rogers from San Jose on a home addition project. This case study highlights our process, the challenges we faced, and the successful completion of Steve's project.

Project Overview

Steve Rogers approached us with a vision for expanding his home. The project was managed by our experienced team members, Ray and Michael. From the outset, our goal was to ensure seamless communication and build a foundation of trust, which we believe is crucial for any successful construction project.

Building Trust and Communication

Ray and Michael's personable and professional approach played a significant role in establishing early trust. They maintained clear and consistent communication with Steve, ensuring he was informed and comfortable with each step of the process. This relationship set the tone for a collaborative and transparent project journey.

Execution and Innovation

Our crew took several innovative steps to minimize disruption to Steve's daily life. One notable measure was blocking off the old front door, which effectively reduced dust and noise, allowing Steve and his family to maintain a separate living area throughout the construction period. This approach exemplifies our commitment to client comfort and satisfaction.

Navigating Challenges

As with any construction project, unexpected challenges arose. However, our team's adaptability and problem-solving skills ensured we navigated these obstacles smoothly. Ray and Michael worked closely with Steve to adjust plans as needed, always striving for the best possible solutions. Their dedication to overcoming hurdles while keeping the project on track was commendable.

Achieving the Vision

In the end, we delivered exactly what Steve had envisioned. The home addition not only met but exceeded his expectations. The final result was a beautiful, functional space that seamlessly integrated with the existing structure. Steve's satisfaction with the quality of work and attention to detail was a testament to our team's hard work and commitment.

Client Testimonial

Steve Rogers shared his positive experience with us:

"I wholeheartedly recommend Ray and the Done Right Construction team. Their professionalism, dedication, and the quality of their work are exceptional. Each team member, down to the individual workers, was pleasant and great to work with, contributing to a positive and smooth construction experience. We now have a beautiful addition to our home that we've been thoroughly enjoying."


At Done Right Construction, our mission is to bring our clients' dreams to life with minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction. Steve Rogers' project is a shining example of our capabilities and commitment to excellence. If you're considering a construction project, we would love to help you achieve your vision.

For more information or to discuss your project ideas, please contact us. Let's turn your dream into reality together.

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